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Playing Pineapple Poker (OFC) gives you 100% action!

Hold’em poker players who play live tournaments or cash game sessions know it well: it can take a looooooooooong time for a player before he can play a hand. This is especially true if the tables are at a full ring table (9 or even 10 players).

And we know the drill!

Jack-2? Fold!
10-5? Fold!
Queen-3? Fold!
Jack-9 suited? Hmmm Fold! Bad position…

This “folding game” can last an hour or more. But nothing abnormal here cause when you play Hold’em Poker, you have to select your starting hands, you have to be selective. Therefore, unless you are the most aggro player in the world willing to play every hand, folding is part of Hold’em.

Of course you can gamble from time to time and play very speculative hands, but you have to skip your turn most of the time and… start waiting… and waiting… and waiting. If you have a gold medal of patience, that’s a plus!

This inconvenience disappear when Hold’em players play online thanks to multi-tabling that allows them to play multiple tables at the same time (a lot more hands every hour).

Live OFC in Las Vegas

It’s a different story with Pineapple poker (OFC). Why is this so? Simply because in this form of poker you play every single hand, and that makes the whole difference! The dealer deals the cards to all players at the table (from 2 to 4 players max depending on the OFC variant), but unlike what happens at Hold’em, players cannot fold their cards. They MUST place them hoping to go to Fantasyland (a very cool game feature by the way).

There is no waiting time when you play Open Face Chinese Poker as you are constantly thinking about your best strategy. It’s very stimulating for the brain. I have done tons of very long OFC cash game sessions on TonyBet Poker a few years ago and now on CoinPoker so I can assure you that you won’t get bored playing OFC!

So if you wanna take a break between two Hold’em sessions with a fun game with no waiting time between hands, OFC is definitely a game you should try!

To learn more, check out the tutorial section of the site, where you’ll find the rules, some strategies and how to count bonuses. But if you decide playing online at CoinPoker, you won’t have to calculate these bonuses, the software will do it automatically fo you!

Have fun!

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