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4 reasons to start playing Open Face Chinese Poker

Tired of playing hold’em poker? Want to take a break and play a fun and original poker game? Here are 4 reasons why you should play Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC):

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  1. It’s a unique and challenging “brain game”
    Indeed, you will be challenged! You will receive 14 cards that you will have to place the best way so that you don’t bust, but also to make the maximum points. It’s quite a challenge, you are faced with millions of possibilities. Your brain will be called upon throughout the game. Open Face Chinese Poker will test your strategic thinking and card-playing skills.
  2. It’s a great way to improve concentration
    At a time when you are all hyper connected to our smartphones that have turned into real personal assistants that remember our phone numbers for us, that help us get around in the car, it is nice to take back control. Good OFC players have great concentration cause at OFC, we play all hands, we have to observe the board of the other player(s) to adapt our strategy. In short, your concentration will be required!
  3. It’s a fun!
    This is obviously one of the best reasons in the world! Having fun while playing poker, whether you’re a pro or an amateur, is paramount! Trying to go to Fantasyland, making the best placements, adapting your strategy to your opponents, trying new variants (deuce-to-seven, turbo, progressive…), all these options make the game really fun and addictive.
  4. Technical level still low = money potential
    While most players are amateurs, there are some OFC pros who make money in cash games, especially on CoinPoker where you can play Open Face Chinese Poker.  OFC is obviously not as popular as Hold’em (yet), which means that there is still a very low technical level. So one can easily find opponents who are still beginners, making tons of mistakes, which is good news for experienced players or just those who want to make some money.

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