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​OPENINGS – Case #2

Pair of Aces & 3 Cards Flush Draw

Welcome to the marvelous world of Open Face Chinese Poker!

Let’s continue with some fun exercises in order to see what would be the finest openings in all OFC variations (Pineapple, Progressive, Deuce-to-Seven and Turbo), using the same initial five cards, but applying them to all the different formats, to see the respective differences, and the best ways to position the cards in order to get a maximum profitability.

For this example, we will receive the five following cards, assuming that we are first to act, thus having no information about the cards that our opponents will open up after us:

​We will now look at the four different games variations in OFC, using these same five cards, in order to see the changes in optimum openings from one format to another.

I would go here with the Aces in the middle in order to get a direct access to Fantasyland by catching a pair of Queens or Kings on the top line.  My J-8 would go on the bottom to give me multiple ways to cover my middle: Flush, Straight, Trips or Two Pairs.  The 6 of heart would naturally go on the middle line, which is already pretty strong with the pair of Aces.

In Progressive format, and for the reasons explained in the previous case example, I would place my Aces on top in order to get 16 cards Fantasyland. The J-8 would go again on the bottom line while opening many possibilities, and the 6, perfectly being covered by J-8, would go in the middle again.

My Aces would go on top here in order to go directly to Fantasyland. However, I would not chase a Flush draw on the bottom here, as it is never recommended to chase the same cards on two lines in 2-7!  Indeed, should I catch another 8, I don’t want to have to choose for a pair on the bottom or completing a vulnerable Nullo.  That’s why Flushes are rare to make in 2-7; a lot of time you will catch cards in your suit, but you will also need them to complete a valid Nullo.  So in this case, my 8 helps me more in the middle, especially knowing that I am not chasing for Max Nullo with my 6 already there.

I would go here with the very strong back option placing my Aces there hoping to make a Boat, and placing the J-8 in the middle for all the possibilities it offers if I do indeed complete my Full House!

To conclude, do not forget the famous saying that summarizes very well all the opening questions in Open Face Chinese Poker:
“It’s a game where everybody agrees to disagree, and where everybody may be right!

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