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Beat the Pros in Pineapple Poker App

The thrill of Playing Pineapple Poker with Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier!

Isabelle Mercier has been the ambassador of Coinpoker since 2017. Coinpoker is the world’s biggest online poker platform, where she is a moderator and regularly plays in tournaments and OFC. It is also one of the best Pineapple poker apps, where you can join Isabelle and other famous poker players in playing your favorite game anytime, anywhere!

I love playing Pineapple poker games, especially at Coinpoker. It’s easy to use, and the atmosphere is exciting.” –Isabelle Mercier.

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Isabelle Mercier – A Professional Poker Player Who Has Dedicated Her Life to Mastering the Game

Are you a poker player looking for your next challenge? Then, it’s time to get serious! With Coinpoker, you can join Isabelle in the world of professional poker and experience it for yourself. 

Meet Isabelle Mercier, a professional poker player and law graduate from Victoriaville, Quebec. She has been playing poker since she was a child. Later in life, she earned an undergraduate law degree from Université de Montréal and practiced commercial law for six years before becoming a professional poker player. 

Make sure to check out her thrilling tournaments and tutorials to gain valuable insight and experience in the game of poker. Tap into Isabelle Mercier’s wealth of knowledge and gain the skills you need to become a successful poker player. With her inspiring story and track record, Isabelle will surely motivate you to reach your fullest potential in poker.

What are you waiting for? Follow in Isabelle’s footsteps and join the Coinpoker community!

Coinpoker is a community-centric site increasing the current player base from over 200 countries worldwide. A community of poker players can always expect action through player promotions and community contributions. The platform’s goal is to bring back the game to players who love poker, and hence community contributions give back to players through tournaments and cash games. 

Let’s not forget the challenges that somehow bring players together to knock out of the game one famous poker player or another. If you pay attention to the chat window, a lot is happening, and the entire community is focused on the gameplay, observing and studying the opponents. 

I have been playing pineapple poker games with Isabelle for a few months and it has been a great experience. She is a great coach and I have learned a lot from her. The Coinpoker app is a great platform for me to step up my game and improve my skills” – Don Blair, poker player.

Pineapple Poker App – Play Anywhere Alongside Best Poker Players

CoinPoker is a poker room for the modern generation. It’s also a mobile app that makes poker available whenever and wherever you want.

Why Play Coinpoker’s Pineapple Poker app

Coinpoker is one of the best iOS and Android Pineapple poker apps on the market. It offers an unbeatable gaming experience. The mobile app lets you join tournaments and cash games anytime, anywhere. Powered by blockchain technology, Coinpoker is an online poker room for everyone everywhere. 

Opening an account and playing real money with cryptocurrency takes only minutes. It’s an advanced creation for players of all types. Since using a smart contract, Coinpoker offers players seamless gameplay by eliminating personal information and credit card details. Play now and join thousands of players from over 200 countries worldwide!


Coinpoker has 100% decentralized RNG. What does it mean? You can play transparently and view your real-time history, score, and card shuffling.


In Coinpoker, you can customize cards, table colors, and community themes according to your preferences. 

Cash Games

Coinpoker offers a variety of games and stakes where you can play free poker or deposit between $5 and $200. If you are up for high stakes, join regular players at one of the high-stakes tables.


Coinpoker is your one-stop shop. It has multiple game formats like Sit & Go, cash games, free entry tournaments, satellites, and more.


Coinpoker has lightning-fast transactions. Because of cryptocurrency, withdrawals are immediate and securely transmitted, making for lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals.


Coinpoker designed a low rake system to give back to players with the highest value rewards and rakeback available in online poker.

With the CoinPoker app, you can access a wide range of poker games, including pineapple. You can join the poker rooms and see Isabelle playing poker and participating in exciting tournaments. Depending on your game, you can access different promotions and bonuses to take your poker experience to the next level!

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Ready to Take Your Poker Game to The Next Level?

Welcome to Coinpoker, the ultimate online poker room experience. 

Coinpoker is the best place to experience the thrill and excitement of playing in online poker rooms. Isabelle, as a moderator, will provide you with an inside look at what it’s like to play in the world’s top poker rooms.

Experience the atmosphere of real-life poker.

From the comfort of your home, you can now play with other players in an online poker room and get the same experience as if you were in a casino. Enjoy the atmosphere of playing for real money and engaging in exciting conversations with other players without having to leave your home!

Play with the pros

Jump into a game and play with some of the biggest names in poker — you never know who you might face at a pineapple poker table! At Coinpoker, you can now play with some of the most famous professional poker players worldwide from one convenient place. So challenge yourself and join in on thrilling games with pros for an unforgettable experience!

Focus on your game

Our platform provides a distraction-free environment that lets you focus on what’s important — playing the game. With our state-of-the-art technology, enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions and take your game to new heights!

Real money on the line

For those serious about their poker, our app offers real money play so that you can make genuine decisions while playing when your bankroll is on the line.

Read players without seeing them.

Pineapple poker online is different from being face-to-face with your opponent. You have to read players’ decisions instead of their faces — use your skills to gain an advantage over your opponents!

Compete with friends and foes.

Connect with friends or make new ones as you compete against other players in tournaments or cash games. With the Coinpoker app, you’ll never have to worry about finding an opponent.

Win Big with Coinpoker

Take your game up a notch and join tournaments for big payouts. We have plenty of matches in various stakes, so you can find one that suits your level. You could be walking away with some big wins!

Ready? Download the best Pineapple poker app – Coinpoker!

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