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2023: the year of Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC)!

This is what Open Face Chinese Poker looks like in a live game
This is what Open Face Chinese Poker looks like in a live game

What if 2023 was the year of Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC)? This exciting game has been around for decades but has yet to achieve the success it deserves. 

Sure many professional players know OFC and have been playing it in their spare time for years. But one must admit that OFC is still an unusual form of poker compared to, say, hold’em. 

But as we all know, nothing lasts forever and fashions change. Let’s remember that Hold’em was not popular at all until Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP on May 24th 2003. After his unexpected victory, everyone wanted to play No Limit Hold’em poker. 

Click on the image to start playing Open Face Chinese on CoinPoker

Open Face Chinese Poker has not yet experienced this extraordinary boom but the game is now played by many people across the planet. Whether apps or online like on CoinPoker, the crypto-platform I’m lucky to be an ambassador for. It’s the best place to play Open Face Chinese Poker. 

I will explain to you through the different posts of this blog why this game has all the chances to become more and more popular. Spoiler alert: it’s because it’s the best card game in the world! 😎

Ready to go to fantasyland and discover OFC and its multiple variants (progressive, 2-7, joker)? 

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